Tom grows up with intensive experiences in church-music. His grandfather, uncle and mother were dedicated to the choir of the monastery church of „Mariastein“, where the 9 year old boy stays amidst of the choir or the orchestra high up in the behind of the church. Mostly he sat next to the organist on the organ bench.

Later, the 12-year boy gets a flute in his hands from a neighbours daughter who resigns studying the flute for reasons of time. That was the initial ignition for his musical career. Three months later after diligent exercises he plays a piece for organ and flute from Haydn during a christmas worship in his church.

Flute studies follows by Gustav Thüring and Othmar Brühwiler. Tom joins the „Knabenmusik Basel-Stadt“ as a flutist, a 80 people counting youth-orchestra for wind and brass. The orchestra travels around in many countries of europe, played concerts, had contest competitions and wins prices. After he reached the second place ranking of an international soloists competition the inquiries grows, so he plays the flute in several other orchestras at the same time until the age of 20.


As he was 15 years old, the next giant leap starts with the flute studies at the „Musik-Akademie Basel“ by Iwan Roth, the later worldwide wellknown saxophon player and teacher.

„Musik-Akademie Basel“ is the effective site of renowned flutists like Joseph Bopp, Peter-Lukas Graf, Hans-Martin Linde, Gerhard Hildenbrand, Hans Linnartz ... composers like Pierre Boulez, Klaus Huber, Gerald Bennett, Jürg Wyttenbach and the first touch and awareness enhancements for electronic music comes through Thomas Kessler.

After two years the next big step occurs thru changing to the class of Urs Lehmann, an experienced flutist and himself a student of Jean-Pierre Rampal. Through this forwarded knowlegde an enourmeous increase of skills come off and a musical cornerstone for the future was layed.


1981-82 ROLAND Synthsizers, Schweiz, Marketing, Administration, 1983 launch of PARK LANE STUDIOS, Professional Studio for Music and Advertisement, Foundation and launch of QUANTEC AG, Switzerland, Development and Production of digital Reverbs, QRS Room-Simulator

1983-87 Begin of the occupation as a self-employed composer and musician, RADIO BASILISK, presenter within daily program, editorial staff in a radio computer broadcast, sound-engineer in the associated production studio.

Music Productions in and abroad for film, commercials and theatre

1991-93 Studies of modern church music.

1999 Foundation of HEARTSTRINGS PRODUCTION together with his wife.

Today, Lot of Production for Film, Commercial, Industrials, Theatre and Recording industry.


Further education with certified graduation

Professional Orchestration, Alexander-University, Petersburg, Virginia

Soundtrack-Composer by Goran Tschubrilo, Audiocation, Audio-Akademie, Lippstadt

Game-Sound-Designer by Matthias Steinwachs, Audiocation, Audio-Akademie, Lippstadt

Ableton Live Pro by Ableton Team, Audiocation, Audio-Akademie, Lippstadt

Professional Audio-Engineer by Helge Beckmann, Audiocation, Audio-Akademie, Lippstadt






written by Prisca Haenggi